Karma’s a bitch

After Neh was born there was a battle we faced between her dad and I. He was stuck wanting to come back to our family but after the hell he put us through he didn’t know how to let go of the relationship that he was in or even balance both. He was trying his hardest to prove that he was gonna be a good father and that no one was gonna stand in the way of that. Once he held Jhene for the first time there was something in him that wanted to change and that was for us four, not that other girl. I wanted to believe in the change but actions always spoke louder than his words. 
I remember how hard we had to fight for his time. How much I had to beg for him to be around to help me take care of Neh and be there for Maleah. She was always arguing, always trying to make herself more important than Jhene. 

Females who think that there is nothing wrong with breaking up relationships especially when kids are involved is something I will never understand. Regardless what’s going on in the relationship, how do you have the heart to hurt someone like that? I’m not pinning this on just her because he had played a major part in it all but if you wouldn’t want to be put in a situation like that then why do it to anyone else? It’s not that hard to be a good human being. I started to question what kind of values that other girl grew up with. What kind of relationships in her life set an example of what kind of love she would want for herself? I questioned Jhene’s dad all the time. Amazing family. Great parents. So loving! It hurts to see someone who use to be so loving, be so cruel. 

There are incidents that happened during that month of November up until January that only my closest friends and our family knows that I’d rather not talk about. I finally saw her face to face and it brought me to put her in her place. Don’t ever talk about someone’s family especially someone’s kids if you can’t handle the repercussions of your actions. You deserved every bit of whatever happened. Karma was a bigger bitch than I would have ever been. 

I still had a good enough heart to let you know woman to woman that he came back in our lives the way you thought he never would. You didn’t think he was gonna come back to me. I reached out to you to let you know he was playing you with me and you still took it upon yourself to think I was a liar. Not once did I lie. Not once did I say or do things that wasn’t the truth and had everything to back up the things I was saying. All the hard work you did to try to make me look stupid blew up in your face. Honestly I wouldn’t even be surprised if the majority of those messages in my inbox on Tumblr were you. 

After all of that, I believed that he deserved a second chance. A chance to prove he was the guy I fell in love with, the guy Maleah fell in love with and the one Jhene will fall in love with. All to try to repair and rebuild the home that he tore down. 

One thought on “Karma’s a bitch

  1. I’ve followed you and your story for a very long time now and I personally once was friends with the “other girl” and she just has the ugliest personality. A spoiled, entitled brat.

    You did nothing but believe in your man (at the time) and want the best for your family. You work jobs and find side jobs to make more money to provide for your girls. You did nothing to deserve the deception of someone you love and trusted so much but your will to keep going for the love of your girls is nothing short of admirable.

    You have been so strong and have done such an amazing job with your girls. Your heart is full of love and good intention.

    I wish you and your family nothing but happiness. As for me, I’ll be on the sidelines cheering you and your girls on.

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